Casey County Christmas


About This Project

On Wednesday, December 18th, we'll be hosting our 5th Annual Casey County Christmas! Through this dinner, we have the opportunity to have a time of fun and fellowship with countless families in our community! We have a delicious Christmas dinner, pictures with Santa Claus, crafts for the kids, and even toys!


If you would like to give or volunteer for this event, check out the information below:


Volunteers are asked to arrive at 4:30 PM to help set up for the families. The dinner starts at 6:00 PM (EST) and will last until about 8:00 PM (EST). We will also need volunteers to help clean up after the dinner.



- The Casey County Pork Producer's Building at the Casey County Ag/Expo Center.

Job Roles:

- We will need volunteers to cook, set up tables, wrap presents, decorate, hang up lights, and much more! Bring your friends and family, we'll put them to work!