In February of 2013, two teens decided to take their dreams of traveling to Africa and make it a reality. They wanted to make a difference. Their solution: Mission MAD (Mission Make A Difference). Clever, right?


Mission MAD started off as a fundraiser for this expedition to Africa, and it wasn’t long until the two teens found themselves on a plane, heading to the country that would soon still their hearts, but it didn’t stop there. As their passion to help others grew, Mission MAD grew.


Three years later, Mission MAD is its own non-profit organization with a mission to help clothe, feed, and educate the less-fortunate through their own action and by collaborating with other non-profit organizations to maximize their impact. In the three years that Mission MAD has been active, they’ve been able to hand out thousands of warmth items to the homeless, resource an abundance of food locally and globally to those in need, and provide underprivileged students with the tools necessary to get an education, and that’s only the beginning.


Mission MAD has high hopes for the future, and as you can see, they’re pretty determined to get what they want. It’s only a matter of time before their dreams become another reality.