Thank you for choosing to partner with us in our mission of feeding, clothing, and educating the less fortunate. Because of your gift, we are able to reach communities around the world with a true and authentic love. When you give to Mission MAD, you join the business of making a difference.


Donate a one-time gift to help us reach the less fortunate in communities around the globe. Your gift allows us to raise awareness and mobilize volunteers for the less fortunate. 


Become a monthly supporter (of any amount) and your recurring giving will continually boost us further into the lives of many around the globe. We will be able to empower communities around the globe with a sense of urgency and commitment.

By Mail

If you'd like to send your gift by mail, you can do so by shipping it to:


- Mission MAD

- PO Box 162

- Liberty, KY 42539


Would you like to become a corporate sponsor? You can do so by donating supplies, volunteers, or funds to our campaigns and projects. Feel free to donate any amount that you and your business (or organization) is comfortable with - any amount makes a difference. If you choose to become a corporate sponsor for an event or campaign, you will automatically be added to our team and featured as one of our difference-makers!