The Giving Shoe Tree


About This Project

Jenna Vaughn, an avid cross-country/track runner and excelling student at Casey County High School, approached us this fall about a vision she had to start a project to help individuals in Uganda, Africa and even people in our local area. Her idea wasn't a "normal" project, but one that could potentially impact thousands of people by providing something simple - shoes.

What sparked Jenna's idea for this project was seeing pictures and videos from past Mission MAD trips to Uganda. She realized that a vast majority of the people she would see had no protective footwear to help them while farming, traveling to school, playing soccer, or even walking miles to get water. As a serious athlete, she knew there was a problem that needed to be solved and the solution was the Giving Shoe Tree. When asked how she came up with the name, The Giving Shoe Tree, we were quite surprised! On many major cross country courses, you'll see HUGE trees with shoes dangling from the branches. Something fun that the students do after a big meet. Jenna wants to use those shoes for a better purpose.

With that being said, she asked if we (Mission MAD) would help her in kicking off a campaign to collect shoes and then deliver them on our next trip to Uganda - we agreed!


We will be collecting gently used/new shoes at multiple locations/events that are listed below. If you'd like to have more information on this campaign by Jenna and the Mission MAD team, feel free to email us at!


Drop Off Locations/Events:

- Dunnville Christian Church (Dunnville, KY)

- Rusty Joes (Liberty, KY)